Sheila Bain - Owner
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Massages and Facials by Appointment Only- In local area only
                                          I definitely have always had a passion about skin care & everything
                                          about it. In the 70's I taught skin care classes and sold skin care
                                          products for a very successful company from Sweden. Today I am
                                          a licensed skin care specialist and massage therapist.
                                          ​I love using natural products that are safe and gentle as well as
                                         ​ effective. So I have formulated my own skin care line-
                                          ​Simply Spa'Velous Skin Care- which will be available in Sept 2012.
                                          ​I will be teaching classes on skin care in which you can try the
                                         ​ products for free, by doing that I know that you will learn how to                                 ​                    
                                          best take care of your skin. I look forward to seeing you soon!